CNS A+ RESIDENCES was founded in Athens Greece in 2001.  We specialize in building and creating A+ houses that are energy efficient with the highest quality construction. Our goal is to create beautiful structures in its best quality.

L 45 Project  is based on a harmonious balance between comfort, elegance and high quality.  Energy-efficient technologies and products were also installed throughout L45 Project to reduce overall energy usage.  

The Building has just received A+ Certification according National Standards. Furthermore a lot of components are made according international Passive House Standards (iPHA).    L45 Project consumes around 75% less energy than an average new build.


 Solar Panels
DSC01354 4.jpg
Efficient heating and cooling systems 

Solar panels  converts all the sunshine into usable household energy and electric vehicle power. 


Koemmerling  88+

Passive House Windows (iPHA).

They make the home more comfortable all year round by keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.  An other benefit is about 30db noise reduction.

Heat pumps provide indoor comfort, designed to extract and transport heat, allowing you to maintain constant indoor temperature all year round.